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Hardest Game

Okay, so this is supposed to be the world's hardest game and after playing level one you will see why. It's what you would call "difficult".

The object is to move through the maze while avoiding the moving obstacles. It sounds easy enough right? But it's so freaking hard to do.

Whoever came up with this game must like being cruel because I have been playing it for 3 weeks straight and I still haven't managed to complete all the levels.

I've been told that the trick to beating this game is to be patient and observe the timing of the obstacles. I did that but I still can't manage to get through all the levels.

Pehaps you will do better than me and you can tell me your secret to playing the hardest game ever!

Hardest Game Controls

The controls are simply the arrow keys. Use the mouse on the menu and then push those arrow keys like crazy to avoid getting hit by the obstacles and make it to the exit on each level.


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How To Play The World's Hardest Game

Since I haven't completed it yet, I don't really know if i've the right person to tell you how to play the game. All I know if you need to keep calm and really pay attention to the rhythm of the obstacles as they move.

The is a pattern to their movements that you can take advantage of. It's just really freaking aggravating because you will keep getting hit and have to start the level over. Just chill and try again if you don't make it the first time..

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