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Easiest Game

If you've played the world's hardest game and failed miserably then this one is for you. Just image how easy that game would be with all the obstacles removed.

That's perhaps too easy for some but others will have a blast completing this game without any pressure whatsoever.

It's really quite funny that someone took the time to release this game with no obstacles at all. It's pathetically easy and anyone including my dog could complete it in 2 minutes.

Go ahead and see how easy and simple it is to complete. Then if you think you're wasting your time give the worlds hardest game a try and see which one you prefer.

I know which one I would prefer to play. That would be the easy one because it takes next to no time to complete start to finish!

Easiest Game Controls

If you must play this game then use the arrow keys, but seriously... what's the point? It's just too easy!!!


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How To Play The Easiest Game

Are you kidding me? You need to know how to play? Well it's like this.... move through the maze while avoiding the invisible obstacles and make it to the exit.

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