Do Not Press The Button!
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Do Not Press

The concept of this game is rather simple and actually quite annoying. Just don't press the red button.

It sounds simple but a lot of people have issues when it comes to not doing something they have been told absolutely not to do.

If you press the red button there will big trouble and it's just not worth taking the risk of clicking on it. I mean you don't want anything bad to happen right?

But seriously, you really shouldn't push the big red button. That would be plain wrong when I am sitting here telling you not to push it.

I suggest that if you want to go around pushing buttons like this you go and work in a button factory. And I don't suppose it really matters me telling you not to press it because you probably don't have the guts to press it anyway.

Do Not Press Controls

You don't need to know the controls because you won't be pushing the button will you! But if you were going to play I supposed the mouse would be the thing to use.


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How Not To Press The Button

Let me introduce you to a brand new concept. It's called willpower. You use it to not do things. Like not pushing the big red button. If you just forget about it and walk away you won't want to push it. Except that you will probably dream about pushing that nice shiny button now that you've been thinking about it for so long.

Perhaps you should just go ahead and push it and get it over with! I mean what is the worst that could happen?

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