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Impossible Quiz

If there's one thing I have found online, it's that you never know everything. That is certainly true in the impossible quiz!

The impossible quiz is a very difficult quiz where the answer may not be immediately obvious. Then again it may seem obvious but be incorrent.

Each question will test your skill and lateral thinking ability to the max!

Give it a try and try not to pull your hair out answering the questions. If the answers seem to be eluding you then try thinking a little differently (outside of the box as it were).

Here is the impossible quiz, enjoy!

Impossible Quiz Controls

Playing the impossible quiz is pretty much all about using the mouse. There isn't much else to say really, except think before you click because it's not always the obvious that provides the right anwer. This quiz isn't as straightforward as it seems!


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How To Play The Impossible Quiz

The impossible quiz is best played with some lateral thinking applied to it. The answers may sometimes seem crazy but there is usually a reason why the answer isn't what it should be. The quiz will often try to trick you into clicking the wrong answer. One way it likes to do this is to place answers in a group with a number for each answer, but the answer is actually not in this group at all and actually somewhere else on the screen.

Another tip for playing the impossible quiz is to not take it too seriously. The whole point of the game is to amuse you and change the way you think about things. So if you find yourself getting frustrated when playing it perhaps you just need to change your perspective a little.

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